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Diana Scully | Interior Decorator | Founder + Creative Director of Spaces + Places Blog. 

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I was born in Melbourne, Australia and deeply love this country.  Australian homes have a real synergy with their land and surrounding environment, so I tend to find that a casual, comfortable and laid back interior is popular down under.

I have lived in a few homes during my childhood and later moved into my first place down by the beach. I now know where my true home lies. Living by the water is essential for me. Funnily enough, our home is influenced by our love for the ocean and surrounding landscape.  I am captivated by natural light, all shades of blue and living with natural materials.

However, I find that many people have not yet found this connection with their own home. Perhaps it's because they haven't recognised or experienced it yet.  

Your home is your sanctuary and your place to be real - be you. So there's only one way to decorate it - your own way.

The Studio - Spaces by Diana.

I created Spaces by Diana, firstly out of my love for working with people to help them create a special place to live, and secondly, to pursue a career and lifestyle that truly makes me happy.

EVERY home can afford good design.  This does not always mean with designer wares or expensive, high-end products. It's about decorating with things you love.  

In many cases, I find that people discover these beautiful things while they travel.  Whether its an actual item they fall deeply in love with, or perhaps a mood, a feeling or a colour.  Travel is priceless and integral to finding the heart and soul of your home.

Through the various services available, SbyD helps you identify what's important to you and your lifestyle, in order to help you create your perfect home. 

Beaumaris I Project.

Beaumaris I Project.

The Blog - Spaces + Places.

Initially, an ancillary component to my interior decorating business, it has turned out to be a full-fledged operation! And loving every minute of it!! Sign up to regular posts via email to receive regular posts on how to decorate your home with a focus on creating something personal to you.

This year, I am spending time in the USA and discovering SO MUCH about the way people live in another country.  On the blog S+P, I share these personal experiences with you. So keep an eye out for my adventures along the way here

Flemington Project.

Flemington Project.

Design Philosophy.

I believe the perfect home is subjective.  Only you know what's right for you. It's all about how it makes you feel.  I love living in a space that feels relaxed and cosy,  has plenty of natural light & is beautiful. What about you?

SbyD x