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While many of us can find inspiration from aspiring home magazines and design books, without the knowledge or expertise in this area, where do we begin? How do you work within your limited budget? How do you create a home that reflects who you are and how you live – a home that will make you happy?

Here's our top tips on getting started:

TIP #1 What's your style?

First, let's start in your wardrobe.  What do you see? Any common colours? (or any missing colours?) Any patterns? Is your style tailored? Or do you dress predominately in casual clothing? 

Jump onto the website PINTEREST and set up an 

This is a great image-based resource website where you can search and find just about any interior style.  Start off with the basics: search "kitchen" and "bedroom".  Now let's get a little creative... "white kitchen" or "dark bedrooms" See anything you like? Then Pin it.   TIP: In the initial stages, don't analyse the images too much, if your gut says you like it, then just Pin it and review it later. 

On another day, review your Pins. Delete what no longer interests you and review what you have kept.  Any patterns, styles or trends that you like? 

TIP #2 Creating Lists

Answer the following to help you understand your style a little better: 

+ Which room in your home is your favourite and why? Which room do you not like?  

+ Where do you like to travel? What sort of accommodation do you like to stay in? 

+ What does luxury mean to you? 

+ What sort of music do you like? What do you like to read? 

+ How would you like people to describe your home? How would you like people to feel in your home? 

TIP #3 Go Shopping

In the early stages, even though you may not know what you like or what your style is, it doesn't matter... go shopping.  Visit a store that you like or has intrigued you.  Take images of anything you like. 

When you get home, review those images. Discard anything you don't like on reflection. Now, can you see a theme? Colour, style, trend?

TIP #4 Sign up to our blog

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Next Steps 

All this information is a good start.  Contact us and we can help you from here.  SbyD x

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