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Separation is a stressful process for families, particularly children, who may not fully understand or are aware of the issues dealt with by the family.  

To assist families during this difficult time, Spaces by Diana offers the unique service of helping out a parent and their child(ten) set up a new home and re-establish themselves in a new environment.

Having previously practised family law in Australia for a number of years, Diana has experienced and witnessed the difficulties and stresses faced by families while separating, particularly children.  Diana is appreciative and empathetic towards the sensitive issues parents are confronted with, particularly, the stresses of relocating to a new home. 

This service is designed to eleviate the issues faced by many parents in setting up a new home for themselves and their child(ren) (if any).  This service helps parents redirect their focus, time and energy on other important legal matters and personal issues surrounding the separation process.


+ Once off consultation - discuss general issues of setting up new home for the parent and child(ren). Consultation pack provided with one-on-one consultation.

+ Basic Package - After finding suitable accommodation, we can help you set up your new home by recommending and sourcing new furniture pieces and accessories to compliment your existing possessions.

+ Supreme Package - Project manage your entire relocation, including:

- FInding suitable accommodation (rental or buy) in collaboration with suitable real estate agents.

- Sourcing new furniture pieces and accessories to compliment your existing possessions.

- Setting up new bedroom, play area and/or study area for your child(ren).

- Project manage and organise removalists.

- Setting up and styling new home.

The above services are a guide only.  Every family is unique and has their own personal requirements.  Please contact Diana to discuss the level of assistance you personally require to relocate and set up a new home.  Visit our contact page to make your enquiry.  

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