Spaces by Diana



Spaces by Diana is an interior design and decorating consultancy.  

The homes we create are designed for you, the people you share your space with and your lifestyle. We understand that designing, styling and decorating your home can be daunting, so we are here to help break down those barriers and simplify the process for you.

Having travelled to many places in Europe and iconic cities like New York City, London and Paris, our design aesthetic is varied, eclectic and layered. We are drawn to the clean lines and fuss-free spaces of Scandinavian homes and equally captivated by the glamorous and modern styled homes of New York City and Los Angeles. Undoubtedly, our love for open spaces, natural light, native timbers and casual living is heavily influenced having grown up in Australia. Our exposure and understanding of various styles of homes gives us the right expertise to help you find your sense of style and taste. 

Through our various on-line and one-to-one personal services, as well as our resource blog Spaces + Placeswe can help you find the right solutions to create your ideal, individual home. Let's explore what style of service is best suited for you.



Features of our design practice:

+ Your Style: We brainstorm ideas, explore design styles and help you find the right colour schemes,  materials, finishes and fabulous furniture pieces for your home.

+ Your Budget: Good design does not always mean expensive high-end products and services.  We resource and search for opportunities that reflect your tastes and budget.

+ Your Home: We can provide you with as much support and assistance as you require to create your own unique space.  We can assist you with one room or the whole house! 

Alternatively, you may not have the inclination or the time to undertake and manage a renovation or new build, so we can do all of this for you!

For more information, please contact us by email for a free estimated quote for your project.